Ignition System SIP Vape DC Sport


Ignition SIP PERFORMANCE by VAPE 12V, DC Sport

for Vespa 125 GTR 2°/​TS 2°/​150 Sprint V 2°/​Super 2°/​200 Rally 2°/​PX80-200/​PE/​Lusso/​Cosa

  • aluminium CNC
  • flywheel ca.: 1660g
  • 12 magnet
  • 110 watt
  • 9 coils
  • variable ignition timing

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These are SIP vape ignition system, this one is the DC sport version which as variable timing, 

When installing a SIP-Vape ignition in the DC version in all PX models with a combined ignition and steering lock (i.e. usually Lusso and later models), special features must be observed: These models with battery have DC and AC circuits as standard the on-board electrics installed. High beam and low beam are supplied with alternating current, which is switched via an output on the ignition lock.
Note 2:The original Piaggio regulator can be retained on models that are equipped with a stator plate with 5 cables as standard.
It gets a little more complicated with models that are serially equipped with an ignition base plate with 7 cables. Here, the on-board network and the controller of the standard 5-cable variant must be converted. Fitting Instruction’s