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Welcome to our site, dedicated to all types of Scooters and Scooterists world wide.

Scooter Repairs, Accessories, Spares, Restorations for Traditional & Modern Scooters. All work undertaken.

Huge range of Vespa, Lambretta Scooter parts available, Piaggio Genuine Parts Supplier.

Call us for your requirements.

01792 421846 or 07980943726, You can also get us on WhatsApp.

                                                                                                 Welcome to On Small Wheels Webshop

Also we have suppliers not only in the UK but throughout Europe, and Worldwide now, and that is as well as being able to supply Piaggio Genuine Parts, so there is not much we can not supply to you at realistic prices now.

We want this web shop to be as exciting as our new premises so if you have any suggestions please feel free to message us and we can take it all on board.

Featured Products

We are updating the online store daily, there are 100’s if not 1000’s of items we still need to add to the store which will be done over time, along with adding new items as and when we get them.

So if you do not see an item you require in our online shop, please give us a call or message us as we may well have it on the shelf but not got round to uploading it yet.

Authorised Parts Suppliers of all the Top Manufacturer’s.