Engine Tuning

On Small Wheels for all your Scooter tuning requirements.
Here are a couple of custom tuning jobs we have done:

Mugello 185

The piston has been cut for the inlet… this piston is for TV con rods 110mm long.

We had the GP crank fitted with the TV rod also to match the piston and polished inlet manifold and ports..

The extra port in the piston was there from standard i do think its for a finger or scavenger port, that will be added next time the engine is stripped plus the manifold comes with metal petals so carbon have been fitted and also its only got a 4 petal block so a 6 petal will be modified and fitted also at some point soon….

Finished item all bolted up and ready to fit onto the engine…
Results of doing this have found that the low and mid range tourqe is doubled over the standard piston ported barrel, even with a peaky Scootrs exhaust.. jetting had to come down from 120 to 105 so fuel loss is much less, no spit back either..

So this has helped the conversion all round with more power, less fuel comsumption.. and works out cheaper than a imola kit… thats if you got a mugello barrel already.

Malossi 166

Malossi 166 barrel tuned.

All ports raised and polished.

Bottom transfers have been widened and an extra port made through where a standard scavenger port is on the factory made barrels.

Piston windows widened and polished also.

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