Beware of These !!

The pictures on this page show an Engine from a 1960’s VBB 150, this scooter was imported from Indonesia and was supposed to be fully restored.

When the owner had the scooter he found it would’nt start let alone run, he brought it to us to see if we could get it going.
We could’nt, so we stripped the engine to what was wrong, this is what we discovered, the engine looks as though it had been standing for years everything was either rusty or damaged in some way.

The customer then had to purchase a second hand Px 150 engine instead as it was cheaper to do this than rebuild and repair the engine that was in the scooter.

Take a good look at the pictures and see if you can see all the problems we found.

Beware when buying a scooter from these countries this could happen to you next.

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